Secondary Transfer

Children transfer on from West Wimbledon Primary School to a range of secondary schools, although a small number of schools account more the large majority of leaver destinations.  The top two schools, Raynes Park and Rutlish (boys), accounted for nearly 50% of leavers.  Merton schools account for just over 50% of destinations, and the top 4 schools (including Coombe Boys and Coombe Girls) account for 75% of children’s destinations.  In 2020, 11% of children gained places at selective grammar schools (12% in 2019)


Choosing a secondary school

Applications can be made during the period 1 September to 31 October each year. If your child attends West Wimbledon Primary School, you will be provided with further information from Merton, via the School. If your child does not attend a Merton school, please go to Merton Council website the September before your child is due to move to secondary school to make an on-line application.

For more information on the process of applying to secondary schools, please go to the Merton website below:


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