Class Reps

The Class Reps system is one that is in operation in many primary schools. Our take on it at West Wimbledon, has been to bring together a group of committed parents to:

  • Support their children’s class, teacher and the other parents in getting to know each other,
  • Improve communication from the School to parents and between parents,
  • As well as better integrating parent contributions to school activities and social events.

Whilst each individual will tackle the role differently, some of the key task will include:

  • Communicating regularly with parents, to ensure that parents are aware of important activities and issues affecting the School;
  • Providing feedback to the class teacher/Headteacher on general questions, issues or concerns raised by parents;
  • Create and maintaining a class contact list and emergency cascade system, that works for that class;
  • Reading the School website and Bulletins to be aware of what is happening in the School and what other parents need to know;
  • Assisting the Friends of West Wimbledon (FOWW) in their fundraising events, by ensuring that each class contributes: e.g. filling rota slots at School fairs, selling event/ raffle tickets, etc.;
  • Passing on teacher and FOWW notices to the class’s parents;
  • Helping get other volunteers;
  • Arranging social events for the class, teachers’ presents, etc..

If you are interested in this role please speak to your child's class teacher.



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