House Teams

The School Council was involved in choosing names for our four houses and decided on authors as a theme. The House names are as follows:

Donaldson House
Walliams House
Rowling House
Zephaniah House

All the children are put into a House, when they join the Reception classes.  We take care to ensure that siblings are in the same House and that each House is representative of the School population as a whole.

These are the logos for each House:


Every child should always wear their House badge, so that they can really feel part of their House.

Each classroom has four jars to collect house tokens. These jars are collected each week by the Year 6 House Captain who empties the jars into large House tubes. House Captains then total up the number of tokens collected by each house and keep a running, weekly total. House tokens are given to children for being role models in following the school rules, exhibiting exceptional behaviour and for producing excellent work. All staff members are able to give house points to the children.

At the end of each term, when all the weeks’ totals have been calculated the winning House, is treated to a workshop, activity or specially arranged visit. Previous House awards have included circus skills workshops, a Teddy Bears’ picnic and specialist sports coaching.

The positions of responsibility for this year’s Year 6 continue to reflect our popular House System. There are 12 positions. These comprise a Head Girl, a Head Boy and four Prefects. In addition, there are four House Captains, a Music and Performance Co-ordinator and a monitor of the School’s prized “Golden Book”.


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